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The Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (PID) is a recently expanded department of the Institute of Tropical Medicine. We work on a wide range of diseases with special attention on pediatric infectious diseases including pneumonia, diarrhea, dengue and malaria. Our research interests include integration of clinical and environmental epidemiology at international, national and local levels.

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  • 2017/12/02--NEW
  • Dr. Michiko Toizumi gave a lecture on "Clinical Features of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in Vietnam" in an educational seminar for the 21st annual meeting of Japanese Society for Vaccinology held in Fukuoka.
  • 2017/10/08
  • Dr. Toizumi gave an oral presentaion titled "Characteristics Of Patent Ductus Arteriosus In Congenital Rubella Syndrome" for the 13th Congress of Asian Society for Pediatric Research.
  • 2017/10/06
  • Prof. Yoshida gave a lecture on "Pneumonia Etiological Agents in Vietnamese Children" in a simposium "Fight against Pneumonia in Asian Children" for the 13th Congress of Asian Society for Pediatric Research.
  • 2017/09/12
  • Dr. Toizumi has won Publons Peer Review Awards 2017 as one of the top 1 percent of peer reviewers in "General".
  • 2017/04/13
  • A paper titled "Sensory defects and developmental delay among children with congenital rubella syndrome" led by Dr. Michiko Toizumi was published by Scientific Reports.
  • 2016/10/13
  • A paper titled "Molecular evolution of respiratory syncytial virus subgroup A genotype NA1 and ON1 attachment glycoprotein (G) gene in central Vietnam." led by Keisuke Yoshihara was published by Infection, Genetics and Evolution. [Abstract]
  • 2016/07/25
  • Prof. Yeonseung Chung from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) joins the PID as a Visiting Professor.
  • 2016/06/26
  • We organized a Pre-conference Workshop "Time-series regression analysis in environmental epidemiology: concepts of dlnm (distributed lag non-linear models) and its application"for the 2016 International Society for Environmental Epidemiology and International Society of Exposure Science - Asia Chapter Conference.
  • 2016/06/16
  • A paper titled " Association of RSV-A ON1 genotype with Increased Pediatric Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Vietnam." led by Keisuke Yoshihara was published by Scientific Reports. [Full text]
  • 2016/05/0
  • Dr. LayMyint Yoshida promoted to a professor of the PID!
    All the PID members are very happy and celebrated for his promotion.
  • 2016/04/01
  • Assist. Profs. Chihiro Iwasaki and Mizuki Takegata joined the PID.
    Welcome Chihiro and Mizuki!!
  • 2016/02/01
  • Assist. Prof. Noriko Kitamura joined the PID. Welcome Noriko!

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