Department of Paediatric Diseases, Insitute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University
1-12-4 Sakamoto, Nagasaki 852-8523, Japan
TEL:+81-95-819-7764 / FAX:+81-95-819-7844
Key words of researches in PID:
epidemiology, climate change, global health, infectious diseases, peadiatrics

Since 2015, Nagasaki University has launched a Master course in Tropical Medicine (1 year), Public Health (2 years) and Health Innovation (2 years) at the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health. Details can be found here.

We welcome applications from students wishing to study with us. Our research involves studies on a wide range of infectious and non-infectious disease epidemiology with special attention on integrating environmental and clinical epidemiology at international, national and local levels. PhD students are required to complete a minimum of 30 course credits and a paper needs to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. For more application information, please visit the Nagasaki University web page or see the prospectus. Please also contact Prof. Hashizume via e-mail for more information.

Post-Doctoral research
We welcome highly motivated postdocs interested in environmental epidemiology including health impacts of weather, global climate change and air pollution or clinical epidemiology in our Vietnam field station. The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) provides a fellowship for non-Japanese researchers to work as post-doctoral researchers in Japan. Details about the JSPS fellowship are available here. Please also contact Prof. Hashizume via e-mail for more information.

Sources of Funding
Funding for Prospective PhD Students
    Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship program
    JSPS Ronpaku Scholarship

Funding for Post-Doctoral Research
    JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers

Funding for Prospective Master Students
    Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Scholarship Fund
    Joint Japan/ World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Life in Nagasaki
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