Joint Usage / Research Center on Tropical Disease

General Joint Research, Collaborative Joint Research with Overseas Stations, Research Seeds, and Research Seminars / Career Development Initiative Fiscal Year 2024

Application for Joint Usage / Research Center on Tropical Disease

The Institute of Tropical Medicine Nagasaki University (hereinafter “NEKKEN”) is the only public research institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Its aim is to conquer the various health-related problems associated with infectious diseases which occupy the most important area of tropical diseases. The institute is developing activities in cooperation with related organizations in the areas of field research, international contribution, and education with the following comprehensive objectives in mind:

  1. Lead research in tropical medicine and international health.
  2. International contributions to the prevention of tropical diseases, and health promotion through the application of research results.
  3. Training of researchers and professionals.

In order to jointly tackle the above issues, in their capacity as the Joint Usage / Research Center on Tropical Disease, the “Domestic and Overseas Research Stations” are looking for joint research topics.

Steering Committee for the Joint Usage / Research Center on Tropical Disease

Committee Member outside the university
  • Shinichiro Kawazu(Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine)
  • Sohkichi Matsumoto(Niigata University)
  • Akira Nishizono(Ohita University)
  • Takayuki Miyazawa(Kyoto University)
  • Manabu Ato(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
  • Satoshi Sasaki(The University of Tokyo)
  • Yukiko Higa(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
  • Chizuru Misago(Tsuda University)
The Joint Usage / Research Center on Tropical Disease Office
Section Chief, Professor
Taro Yamamoto
Assistant Manager, Administrative Staff
Wakana Mino
Chief, Administrative Staff
Takuma Nishizawa
Chief, Administrative Staff
Hiroko Miki
Assistant, Administrative Staff
Haruka Maiguma
  • TEL: 095-819-7803
  • E-mail: