Travel to Kenya

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2As of January 2024, VISA applications for travel to Kenya have been suspended and consolidated into a single registration with Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) (the VISA application site already continues, but you can only refer to previous VISA applications. New applications can no longer be submitted).

If you already have an eVISA, an eTA is not required. If you have a multi-VISA, you can use it until the expiration date. After that, the application for the Multi-VISA is still unknown.

The eTA is a system for determining eligibility to travel to Kenya, and is explained as a travel authorization… by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. (It is explained that eTA does not, however, determine whether a traveler is allowed to enter Kenya.) Therefore, entry clearance by the immigration inspector is still required.

Click here for the procedure. (It will take about 10 minutes to enter the information.) The fee is $34.

According to the website, eTA applications for Kenya must be submitted at least three days prior to travel to allow sufficient time for approval. “Travelers may submit their applications as early as three months prior to their trip. Travelers are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as they have booked their accommodations and transportation tickets.” The web explains.