(JICA jiggers Grassroot)we held jiggers campaign 2024.

(JICA jiggers Grassroot)we held jiggers campaign 2024.


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Jiggers Campaign, which JICA-NUITM holds in Homa Bay County every year in conjunction with the National Jiggers Day (3rd of March), was organized in 2 venues this year.

JICA-NUITM and the MOH have realized a reducing trend in the infection rate through the ongoing surveillance, health talk activities, and treatment by the Sub-county MOH team (CHA, CHP).

JICA-NUITM and other stakeholders are committed to ensuring a jigger-free society through the various initiatives that have been implored towards sustainable eradication of the disease.

JICA-NUITM has since tried to partner with other organizations that do similar activities in trying to improve the livelihood of community members.

These partners include;

  1. Sawayume -WASH activities in Kasipul Kabondo Sub-county(SMILE latrine)
  2. LifeStraw -WASH activities in Kenya (water purification in primary schools)
  3. Healthy entrepreneurs- Provision of Healthcare for all through the CHPs in Homa Bay County
  4. JICA SATREPS-Malaria Project in Homa Bay County
  5. The Ndhiwa MP representation
  6. JICA Representatives

Both events were held in primary schools in the Ndhiwa sub-county on 27th and 29th February, 2024.

The event was very successful attendance was as follows;

Kochieng C.U, Kombe Primary School

-Number of participants: 652

-Treated cases: Pupils 22; Adults 1

Kadwet C.U, Kaumo Primary School

-Number of participants: 577

-Treated cases: Pupils 25; Adults 0

Shoes were distributed by LifeStraw to both schools.

This activity saw a lot of awareness creation on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention (Health talks) of jiggers.

The event was graced by educative poems, skits, and songs by both the CHPs and the schools’ pupils.

The various partners were able to give speeches on jiggers’ sustainable control/eradication, proper personal hygiene and sanitation, and environmental cleanliness.

The MOH speeches emphasized the good work done by partners to solve most of the community problems, and the community members should support the CHPs to make the community health strategies possible.

JICA-NUITM has to be appreciated for the good work on jiggers’ eradication/control and support of the MOH at different levels.

Procession led by the CHPs aimed at creating awareness and mobilization at Kaumo Primary school,Ndhiwa Sub-county.

Ongoing event

Community Health Promoters (CHPs) performing a skit on Diagnosis,Treatment and prevention of jiggers.

Shoes distribution to the pupils.

Ndhiwa MOH,Dr.Nicodemus Odundo,conducting treatment to the affected children.

Healthy Entreprenuers,they were able to showcase their activities towards sustainable health for everyone and got to sell their medical products to the community.

JICA-NUITM staff.Right to left.Mr.Paul Diella,Mr.Gabriel Gumba,Mr,Sato Takeshi,Ms,Sharon Anam,Mr.Stephen Idawo and Ms.Kana Suzuki.

JICA-NUITM staff and LifeStraw Staff, Ms.Dolly Orlando together with her collegues at the campaign.

Pupils watching an educational video on diagnosis,prevention and treatment of jiggers .video was produced in local language with English subtitle.

Success story: JICA-NUITM followed this patient for some time. We met this patient again, and he is now healed.