(JICA jiggers Grassroot) we conducted Community Health Promoters Sector meetings.

(JICA jiggers Grassroot) we conducted Community Health Promoters Sector meetings.


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CHP sector meetings are organized twice a year by JICA-NUITM and the Ministry of Health within the two sub-counties of Ndhiwa and Suba-south.

This meeting was held between 22nd January and 16th February 2024 in CHP’s respective link facility together with their supervisors,Community Health Assistant (CHA), and a representative from the sub-county office.


CHPs 243, CHAs 26, Sub-county MOH 3

Suba –South

CHPs 138, CHAs 15, Sub-county MOH 3

The main Objectives for these meetings were;

  1. To Conduct a comparison of the CHPs MOH 514 data, CHAs MOH 515 data, and the sub-county data to check the compatibility of the data and try to visualize the existing gaps and challenges.
  2. To check the cases in the DHIS (MOH 705) and facility tally and determine where the challenge could be and advise the facility in charge on how to write this report and its importance.
  3. To give an overall result of the initial and refresher pre and post-test results for various cadres and Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP)for both residents and primary schools.
  4. To conduct a spot check of the existing severe jigger infestation cases.
  5. To distribute branded umbrellas and calendars.

There are a few gaps and challenges that need to be addressed by both stakeholders when it comes to the quality of reports and data management issues.