【JICA jiggers project】Meeting the Minister for Health in Homabay County

【JICA jiggers project】Meeting the Minister for Health in Homabay County

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The sustainable tungiasis control project undertakes its activities in Suba-south and Ndhiwa Sub-counties. The project’s main objective is to reduce the prevalence of tungiasis in its project area through surveillance, Health Promotion, and other educative activities.

On Monday 9th January 2023, NUITM-JICA visited the CEC office in Homa-bay to discuss the progress of the meeting and its scope.

The Minister Ms.Roselyne Amollo, Mr. Mathews Onyango-Deputy County Community Health Strategy Focal Person. Ms. Erika Adhiambo Mboga CEC Health Personal Assistant and Dr.Kevin Osuri –Chief Officer of Health, and NUITM-JICA staff were present.

Ms.Kana explained the project overview and the 3 basic components which are surveillance, capacity building, and behavior change, Ms. Kana talked about the treatment used and their various curative levels with an emphasis on No Surgical extraction.

Both teams had a fruitful deliberation on the strengths and challenges facing both the project and the affected and infected members of the community.

The Minister promised to work closely with NUITM –JICA in its endeavors to ensure the control of the disease and had the following resolutions;

1) Meet all the partners in both sub-counties to come up with a work schedule for all the CHVs this would help the partners to reduce the cost of mobilization and partners delivering as one leading to optimized delivery.

2) Collective Reporting -Having a consolidated reporting structure thus forming cohesion among the partners. This would help know the cost of intervention i.e. time and other logistics and the ability to see how sustainability can be achieved.