【JICA grassroot jiggers project】We conducted CHVs Sector Meeting to discuss challenges in the field!

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JICA-NUITM in collaboration with the MOH scheduled to visit all the CHVs in all the endemic areas to check on their work and appreciate their good work during November 2022.

The team visited 16 C.Us in Suba-south and 26 C.Us at their respective link facilities, and most of the CHAs and sub-county team managed to attend.

JICA-NUITM managed to do a spot check of the earlier distributed reporting tools (MOH 514), to determine how the CHVs were doing the treatment, health talks, and monthly reporting, the team also managed to compare the CHV 514 report with the sub-county report and the DHIS.

Notable gaps were realized, some were addressed, and those that were not it was concluded to discuss at a higher level to come up with lasting solutions that are mutually beneficial. Both teams concluded to work closely with the sub-county team to be able to get timely reports.

The JICA-NUITM managed to distribute branded bags that would help in the dissemination of information about jiggers and also help the CHVs as they do their daily activities, Potassium permanganate, Servin Dudu dust, gloves, and brochures for 2023.

During these meetings, the CHVs were able to share the challenges they were facing when executing their daily work. The team agreed to share these challenges with the County Ministry of Health and get solutions.