【JICA grassroot Jiggers project】We held stakeholders’ meetings and celebrated CHV’s hardwork!

【JICA grassroot Jiggers project】We held stakeholders’ meetings and celebrated CHV’s hardwork!

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NUITM-JICA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and chiefs held a meeting at Kentab –Suba-South and Ndhiwa Youth Hall on 7th and 8th December respectively.

The main Agenda for these meetings was to discuss the progress of the Tungiasis project and see a way forward on the shortcomings or challenges in the future and chart a way forward.

The project’s main objective is to suppress the prevalence of tungiasis within 1% of the project area and effective control measures and scale up to the entire Homabay through surveillance, behavior change/health promotion, capacity building, and enhance sustainability.

 With this in mind, a proposal to restructure the earlier created committees and make them active was to include the Lead CHAs, CHVs, and other MOH staff.

The stakeholders’ meeting would be mutually beneficial to both stakeholders and see the improvement in quality and timely reporting.

These discussions were fruitful and the entire team came up with a way forward on the main challenge which was reporting jigger cases as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Way forward to improve the process

  • Provision of adequate updated reporting tools to all CHVs
  • Monthly Data Review meetings to be attended by all CHAs, CHVs, and the Facility in charge to avoid discrepancies.
  • Advised all the C.Us to have a minute book.
  • Strengthening data validation process by the CHAs before submission to the sub-county.
  • Need for a comprehensive baseline survey.
  • Need to teach the CHVs how to use the reporting tools appropriately by the MOH.
  • Knowledge gaps in the treatment process-need for refresher training.
  • Have an annual stakeholder meeting to discuss the process of the project and the way forward.
  • Liaise with the local ministry of coordination for easy management and treatment of jiggers and involvement in the Chiefs Barraza’s.

Awarding of the CHAs and CHVs

The following were recognized for their hard work and awarded;

Chas                                                                                          CHVs

Mr. Gabriel Ojwaya -Kisaku                                          Mr. Thomas Joseph Okello- seka

Mr. Kennedy Ogembo –Kitawa                                     Mr.Martine Braya-Kijebi

Mr. Oscar Okoth – North Kabura                                  Mrs Grace Achieng -Komungu

Ms.Delvine Achola- South Kabura                                Mrs.Rael Orata -Kanyadoto

Model CHV Mrs. Peres Awiti –North Kaganda

Model CHA Mrs. Mary Oloo -Msare