Africa CDC team visit for the evaluation of the NUITM-KEMRI office and laboratory

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Africa CDC team including the Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Uganda SRL, and KEMRI CGMR/HQ visited to evaluate the facility administration and infrastructure in the NUITM-KEMRI office/Laboratory on 9th January 2023. The team discussed with Prof Shingo Inoue, Deputy Chief Representative of NUITM-KEMRI, and Mr. Gabriel Miringu about biosafety in the laboratory and TCTP/Regular P3 training. Prof Shingo and Mr. Gabriel show our laboratory, especially for Biosafety cabinets and P3 facility. Also, the team assessed the ICT systems and the capacity of the conference room for both physical/online training. The team was very satisfied and praised the management of both the office and laboratory except for the limited laboratory spaces.

Discussion between Prof Shingo Inoue, Mr Gabriel Miringu and Africa CDC team
Laboratory observation (Chemical preparation room)
Laboratory obsevertion (Freezer room)
Laboratory observation (P2 Lab)-①
Laboratory observation (P2 Lab)-②
P3 Laboratory observation (from Cell culture room)
P3 Laboratory observation (Introduction by Prof Shingo Inoue)