Tropical Medicine Museum

The Museum of Tropical Medicine has functions as a resource center on Tropical Medicine. There are sections providing information on tropical diseases, parasites, bacteria, virus, insects (vectors), specimen of dangerous animals, audio-visual materials and historically valuable documents on tropical medicine. The audio-visual section demonstrates interesting scientific movies with 80-inch screen. We have newly established a booth to identify mosquitoes by observation to arouse interest and understanding on tropical infectious diseases for wider age group.


Professor and head
Junko Okumura
Kazuo Araki
Misato Obuchi
Sayaka Taniyama

In the fiscal year of 2020, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) influenced on our activities. Particularly, the State of Emergency declared by the government made us temporally close the museum from April 17 through May 22 2020. Also, various events were hold online. Due to these above mentioned, number of visitors to the museum have been drastically decreased. Under the situation, main activities of the museum in 2020 are as indicated below.

  1. MUSEUM MANAGEMENT & OPERATION: The museum provides information on tropical infectious diseases by using approximately100 panels, microscopic images, movies, specimens, educational models of Bio-safety level-4 (BSL-4), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for BSL-4. Although main visitors are Japanese, quite a few people visit from overseas. Therefore, we provide information in English and Chinese (mandarin) for non-Japanese speakers.
    In addition to the museum routine tasks, we actively worked the following event and issues. Regarding the education material development for primary school pupils to provide life-skills in a Post-COVID-19 society, it will be carried on to the next year.
    1) Considering the COVID-19 endemic, we organize and operate ‘NEKKEN Natsu-juku 2020’ which was implemented as an online seminar. Besides taking a role of management for the seminar, Prof. Okumura worked as a chairperson and promoted discussions during the event.
    2) COVID-19 related stigma is one of the great concerns in Japan as well as the world. In collaboration with faculties of Education and Technology, Nagasaki University, Prof. Okumura developed a teaching material (tentative version) for primary school pupils. This work will be carried on to the year of 2021.
  2. IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE: Network tools and servers are updated with technological innovation and maintaining its security. It provides safe and secure IT environment to researchers, students and staff members who work at NEKKEN. In addition, we update and maintain the contents and the system for the NEKKEN homepage.
    With IT innovations, the requests from the NEKKEN members are getting wider and more variety ones. To respond to them we obtain new software and devices as much as possible.
  3. RESEARCH: Prof. Okumura conducts research in Lao PDR and Republic of Guinea. She collects epidemiological data on infectious diseases, health seeking behavior, nutrition etc. in order to identify risk factors affect people’s health. Also, she collects various kinds of information on BSL-4 laboratories in the world to establish much secure environment of the National Research Center for the Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Nagasaki University.

Recent main research achievement

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Achievement list