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Implementation structure

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Khanh Phu Malaria Research Center

Microscopy laboratory in the Center

Mosquito examination

A meeting was held at the Health Department, Khanh Hoa Province

Prospect of the future organization

Our plan in this program is to construct a platform for understanding malaria transmission and to provide control measures over the next three years. Investigators joining the program from different academic areas make up the multidisciplinary research team to implement this program entitled "The eco-epidemiology of forest and zoonotic malaria". Our stance and scope is oriented toward the field sciences incorporating this with work on specific areas in the laboratory. After termination of the program, the research team and the established network will be maintained. After completion of the current project, future work by this team will examine whether the control measures provided by this project are feasible. Meetings will be held for funding acquisition, strategy formation and logistical planning for this follow up program.

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