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Contribution to fostering young researchers


Mission statement of the Institute of Tropical Medicine Nagasaki University

The tropics, the most ecologically diverse region on Earth, present an ongoing complexity of tropical diseases and other health problems. In view of the remarkable advances made in the field of international exchange in recent years, it is imperative that these problems be addressed from a global perspective. Based on this understanding, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University, aims to overcome tropical diseases, particularly infectious diseases, and the various health problems associated with them, in cooperation with related national and international institutions, to strive for excellence in the following areas:

  1. Spear-head research in tropical medicine and international health
  2. Global contribution through disease control and health promotion in the tropics by applying the fruits of our research
  3. Cultivation of researchers and specialists in the above fields According to the mission statement above we foster young researchers.

Accoding to the mission state we foster young researchers.

Actual ways

Actual ways for Japanese young researchers

Students master research methods such as molecular biology, immunology, statistics, demography and other related skills while conducting investigations under a supervisor in Japan. They are given many opportunities to join in field studies. Working and discussing many issues with senior researchers they can obtain experience about the ways of constructing and promoting field surveys, individual identification of monkeys and other things. Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University has a Vietnam Research Station and Japanese researchers stay there. We can utilize the station. Students wanting to continue research work and to contribute to international health will be given a post doctoral research position and introduced to join the project of JICA and other organizations.

Actual ways for Vietnamese young researchers

They are included in this program as much as possible. Principally, Vietnamese supervisors teach them in areas of special knowledge. In some areas of specialty, such as molecular biology, Japanese researchers provide instruction to young researchers when visiting Vietnam. To facilitate presentation of their work in the symposium, they are given research subjects and trained while carrying out their research project. To promote research ability, they are recommended to apply to the Master’s course of Tropical Medicine, or the Doctoral course ‘RONPAKU PROGRAM’ if they show signs of promise as excellent researchers.

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