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Contents of the project

Collaborating researches and exchanges of researchers

Investigation of forest environments, behavior of monkeys and people, distribution of mosquitoes and distribution of monkey malaria parasites are began in the first year. Reservoirs and transmission of monkey malaria are evaluated in the second year continuing the investigations above.
Dynamics of malaria parasite movements are evaluated through analyzation of parasite genes and malaria control methods that are easily carried out in daily life of people are proposed in the last year.

For conducting this multidisciplinary research project construction of a strong relationship and exchange researchers are essential between Japan and Vietnam.
Malariologists, entomologists, primatologists, anthropologists, ecologists of forest, epidemiologists Japanese side visit Khanh Phu, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam and work with Vietanese scientists. Vietnamese scientists visit Japan and conduct analysis of the samples collected at Khanh Phu together with Japanese researchers. Partnership is expected to be strengthen such collabrationg researches and exchages of the researchers.

Academic meetings

Seminars and international symposia are held for presentation of research results and discussion of future plans, while daily communications and transfer of materials and methods on the researches are done by e-mails and others.

Plans in 2011

Implementation of researches.

  1. Utilization of forest resources and breeding sites of mosquitoes
  2. Prevalence of malaria and behavior of people
  3. Distribution of wild monkeys
  4. Development of non-invasive methods for detecting parasites
  5. Distribution of vectors with sporozoites
  6. Risk accessment

A garden plot where wild monkeys were observed. The monkeys travel in the woods above and come down to eat bananas and cord on the open slopes.

Researchers discuss the use of traditional medicines for malaria with a local healer outside a malaria station.


  1. Domestic seminar

    Held in Dokkyo Medical University Checking proceeding of the project and arranging researches each other.

  2. International symposium

    Held in Malaria Research Unit, Health Department, Khanh Hoa Provinve, Vietnam.

    Evaluating accomplishment of the project and discussing future plans of the project.


Implementation of collaboration with Sri Lankan researchers in malariology, social sciences, entomology and epidemiology is discussed in the international symposium held in Sri Jayewardenepura University, Sri Lanka. Comparing malaria parasites in Khanh Phu with other areas we can expand our knowledge on transmission and understand the appearance of monkey malaria.

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