JICA TCTP(Third Country Training Program)Start!


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From 25th to 29th October 2021, JICA-TCTP was held in NUITM-KEMRI Lab and office. Fourteen participants from 6 countries within Sub-Saharan Africa which are Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda participated in this program. The lecture and Lablatory training are implemented by NUITM-KEMRI staff. The participants completed an online lecture from 4th October and they started the practical training today. For the COVID-19 measurement, the participants are separated into two groups, Group A and B. From 25th to 26th, Practical training is carried out for the participants of Group A from 25th to 26th, and of Group B from 27th to 28th. After that, all the participants will pass the examination and a Training certificate will be issued on the 29th October.

The venue of NUITM-KEMRI office
Opening remarks by Dr. Christine Bii (Director CMR-KEMRI)
Lecture by Prof. Shingo Inoue
Lecture by NUITM-KEMRI staff (Dr. Gabriel Miring’u)
Lecture by NUITM-KEMRI staff (Dr. Martin Bundi)
Lecture by NUITM-KEMRI staff (Dr. Ernest Wandera)
Participants of Group A