Immune Regulation

Our scope is the human immune response against malaria, and malaria vaccine development.


Associate Professor
Shusaku Mizukami
Research Fellow
Sayuri Nakamae
Research Fellow
Jiun Yu Jian
Research Fellow
Satoshi Miyagawa (Cellular Architecture Studies)
Mayumi Taniguchi
Akiko Noguchi


Malaria parasite life cycle is divided into liver (pre-erythrocytic) stage and erythrocytic stage in human. Even with urgent appearance of drug resistant strain, many antimalarial drugs are available for erythrocytic stage. However, in liver stage, only a few drugs with side effects are available, and thus, vaccine and novel antimalarial drug development are still and urgent issue for liver stage.

Considering the immunity against malaria pathogen in liver stage, cytotoxic Tlymphocytes in cellular immunity is essential. However, current vaccine development biased in inducing neutralizing antibody.

To archive the goal, our vaccine development focuses on cellular immunity during malaria liver stage. We put effort in examining and optimizing (a) vaccine antigen, (b) antigen delivery system, (c) vaccine adjuvant, and (d) route of administration.

Our study started with mouse malaria model, and eventually, we aim to apply our understanding into vaccine development to against Plasmodium falciparum, one of the malaria parasites affected human most.

Recent main research achievement

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