International Health Development and Policy

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Department of International Health Development and Policy (former Department of Social Environment) was re-established in 2018 by inviting three concurrent professors from the School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH). The three professors have expertise of health system strengthening (H. Aiga), child health and emergency assistance (Y. Kamiya), and human ecology and ecohealth (K. Moji). The department promotes policy researches in various global health fields for making critical evaluation and constructive proposal for health policy.


Yasuhiko Kamiya
Hirotsugu Aiga

・Implementation Science in Health and Disability


My support and study is focused on redressing health disparity in low-and middle-income countries. Notwithstanding global evidence-based aid and national policy, health disparity has been widening with know-do gap and mismatch (coexistence of excess and deficiency) in health service delivery due to organizational path dependency, lack of coordination, vertical silo of programs and aid fragmentation. Just attributing health disparity to lack of access to, and low supply of health care can mislead and delay its fundamental problems. Through Implementation Science applying to international cooperation for maternal and child health, support for disabled children and non-communicable diseases, and emergency humanitarian assistance, my assistance and research facilitate local staff and people identify bottlenecks and barrier to strengthen health systems and governance based on bottom-up problem-solving.

Recent main research achievement

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・Health System Strengthening


In the absence of appropriately functioning systems for health service delivery, new medical technologies and drugs that are clinically effective would end up not reaching the populations in need. Key elements of health systems ( workforce, health information and health financing) particularly in the context of LMICs are one of my research topics. Needless to say, while recognizing the importance of optimization and adaptation of global standards for health systems to local settings, their critical verification and examination in view of field realities are equally important.

Recent main research achievement

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