Department of Immunogenetics, Institute of tropical medicine, Nagasaki university


Research Activities

To clarify the molecular mechanisms in the protective and/ or pathogenic host response to human pathogens such as Dengue Virus, TB, Malaria, Trypanosoma cruzi, Schistosoma, and Filaria, the following research projects are going on in our laboratory.


  1. Genetic susceptibility to severe forms of malaria (cerebral malaria, severe anemia) is analyzed by case-control study in South East Asia, South Pacific and West Africa.
  2. Malaria vaccine development using the immunological characteristics of resistant persons living in the endemic area in Asia and West Africa.


  1. Immunological regulation of the pathogenic anti egg response in the resistant and susceptible persons, to post-schistosomal liver fibrosis in China and Philippines.
  2. Miniature pig schistosomiasis as a human model.
  3. Vaccine development for schitosomiasis japonica and masoria using schistosomula antigens.
  4. Production of the new diagnostic Kit for active infection.

Chagas disease

  1. Genetic susceptibility to different clinical types of chronia Chagas disease, namely, indeterminate, cardiac, and digestive forms, is analyzed by case control study in Bolivia where Chagas disease is still highly endemic.
  2. Genetic analysis of Trypanosomes in Latia Americas by using local isolates and molecular biology.


The research here is performed based on the well arranged collaborative projects with the following facilities.

  1. Malaria: Tharmmasat University (Thailand), Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Institute (Ghana), Institute of Medical Research (Malaysia), Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Ehime University (Matsuyama), WHO/ TDR (Geneva Switzerland)
  2. Schistosmiasis: Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Parasitic Diseases (China), Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Parasitic Disease (China), Univ. Philippines and RITM (Manila, Philippines), Tokyo Medical Dental Univ. (Tokyo)
  3. Chagas Disease: Center of Tropical Medicine and Hospital Japones (Bolivia), IICS University of Asuncion (Paraguay)
  4. Dengu virus 1) Pathogenesis of the DHF (Dengue Hemorragic Fever) Host factors will be detected by the Populational genetic analysis of the patients with DHF and non DHF.
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