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Mailing Address Department of Protozoology
Institute of Tropical Medicine (NEKKEN), Nagasaki University
Sakamoto 1-12-4, Nagasaki 852-8523, Japan
Phone (+81)-95-819-7838
Fax (+81)-95-819-7805


Osamu Kaneko

Taeko Naruse
Assistant Professor

Shinya Miyazaki
Assistant Professor  

Yukiko Miyazaki
Assistant Professor  

Tomoyo Kato
Research Fellow

Ben-Yeddy Abel Chitama
Research Fellow

Chuang Huai
Research Fellow

Maya Suzuki
Graduate Student (D6)

Edwin Too
Graduate Student (D5)

Thant Zin Tun
Graduate Student (D4)

Bitshi Ampas Mimie
Graduate Student (D3)

Sittinont Chainarin
Graduate Student (D1)

Chukwuma Stephen Ezenwanne
Graduate Student (M2)

Miki Kinoshita

Momoko Sakura

Reiko Tanaka

Rikka Iwami

Visiting Fellow

Akira Kaneko
Visiting Professor

Richard Culleton
Visiting Professor

Haruki Uemura
Visiting Associate Professor

Jesse N Gitaka
Visiting Associate Professor

Nobutaka Kato
Visiting Researcher

Michael Alan Huffman
Visiting Researcher


     Malaria is a deadly disease which strikes throughout the wide tropical zones of the world. Because of the continuing failures of vaccines against this disease, we believe a key toward solving this situation is to solidify the foundation of our understanding of the basic biology of this parasite. We are investigating fundamental questions such as the invasion mechanism of erythrocytes by merozoites and cytoadherence of the parasite-infected erythrocytes. In addition, we are also conducting researches to elucidate the intracellular survival strategy of Trypanosma cruzi and Leishmania epidemiology.


     2007-2024 (update Apr, 2024)

Graduate Course

    The Guide for the Graduate Course (Malaria)

Life in Nagasaki City

    Nagasaki City Hall:  International Affairs Division
    Nagasaki Univ. Center for Japanese Language and Student Exchange
    Life in Japan (JSPS Fellow Plaza)

Useful Links

BEI Resources (MR4) Repository of the reagents for malaria researchs
Wormbase Parasite  
PHIL, CDC, USA Public Health Image Library
Atlas of Medical Parasitology  

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