Shigeyuki KANO President Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
Shigeyuki KANO
Japanese Society of
Tropical Medicine

Fifty years have passed since the inauguration of the Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine. During that time, the paradigm of tropical medicine has largely shifted from that of a medical science defined merely by climate and natural features to a fully mature medical science conscious of the importance of environmental and ecosystem preservation. Today, the importance of tropical medicine has been increasingly recognized for its contributions to international health and medical care that have dissolved inequalities in health, society, and economy in different countries and regions. Now, it is our hope that everyone from a number of interdisciplinary areas will participate in the study of tropical medicine in order to contribute to the successful treatment of disease and improvement of health and to build world peace.

The Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine, based on a tradition of medical science and medical care in our country, is also pledged to steadily contribute to society for the sake of the public good. We cordially request that you join us as a member of our society by all means.

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