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Ⅰ.Outline of the Project

Country Republic of Kenya
Title of the Project Project for supporting health from school to community
Background and Necessity of the Project The national health policy of Kenya is called Community Health Strategy (CHS). Nagasaki University supported the CHS in Mbita, of which School Health is one of the pillars, through previous JICA Partnership Program. In the program, eight primary schools made their action plans based on their self-assessment which showed low scores. Also, a study of the university on pupils at standard 4 in Mbita indicates that the pupils are generally undernourished. The aims of the proposed project are 1) To develop and strengthen the management capacity for school health, 2) To improve health environment of primary schools and growth of the pupils, 3) To activate grass roots activities by pupils, teachers and parents for school health and 4) To improve health status of the community through a school health program.
Target Area Rusinga West, Rusinga East, Gembe West and Gembe East Locations, Mbita Division, Mbita District, Nyanza Province, Kenya
Target Group <Direct> Pupils 15,000 in 63 primary schools, Teachers 400, Parents 18,000 <Indirect>Community Members 55,000
Expected Outcomes and Activities <Expected Outcomes>
1. The operation of Kenya Comprehensive School Health Programme (KCSHP) will be well structured.
2. Teachers will be able to measure pupils and evaluate the growth.
3. Infrastructure based on the needs will be prepared.
4. The health knowledge level of pupils and teachers will be improved.
5. Independent association which acts to form healthy school and community will be established in each primary school.

0. Monitoring of growth of pupils, health knowledge of pupils and teachers, health environment of primary schools and the community.
1. Establishment of KCSHP management system in the schools etc.
2. Training of teachers on anthropometry etc.
3. Improvement and monitoring of infrastructure of the schools etc.
4. Training of teachers on health education etc.
5. Activation of health clubs in primary schools etc.

Project Duration Approximately July 2012 – June 2017, Five years
Implementation Structure of the Project The university conducts “Health and Demographic Surveillance System” and studies on the growth of the pupils in the target area. The data and results obtained will be used for the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Ⅱ.Outline of the Proposing Organization

Name of the Organization Nagasaki University
Main Activities The university has a long history of collaborative research, assistance and education in Kenya and Japan. In the target area, studies and training have been conducted by the university since 2006. JICA Partnership Program was carried out from 2009 to 2011.
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