The Pathology Unit

Pathology UnitThe pathology unit is responsible for histological diagnostic pathology of surgical specimens, especially focused on bacterial, viral, protozoal and helminthous diseases in the tropics.


  • Research Associate Masachika Senba


Main purpose of our research is fundamentally pathological investigation of tropical diseases, mainly infectious diseases, focused on oncogenic microbes, and establishes the basis of their treatment and prevention. Although many investigators have proposed oncogenesis due to inflammation associated cancer development, the mechanisms underlying the relationship between chronic inflammation and cancer still remain unresolved. Therefore, our research focuses on the potential role of oncogenic microbes in the development of cancers, highlighting the recent advances in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms. The proportion of total cancer deaths attributable to infectious agents is estimated to be 20% to 25% in developing countries and 7% to 10% in industrialized countries. A causal relationship between chronic inflammation and cancer is widely accepted. Specifically, there is a strong association between tumor viruses and the development of human cancers. The mechanisms of oncogenesis associated with infection and inflammation have not been elucidated. However, many oncogenic mechanisms have been proposed for infection and inflammation. Activation of NF-B is also involved cancer development and progression. Therefore, our research focuses on the molecular players during the development from chronic inflammation to cancer.

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