The Malaria Unit

The Malaria UnitWe are a small and highly driven malariology group focusing on many different aspects of malaria. Established in 2011, we believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to studying malaria, as this enables a broad understanding of the subject, and therefore facilitates the development of novel solutions for fighting the disease. Such a holistic approach to disease research can only succeed, however, on the foundation of a solid and detailed understanding of its multi-disciplinary constituents.
Our core belief is that all our research should produce results that are of potential practical use for fighting the disease. We also strive to engage young researchers in studies on malaria, and hope to encourage them to develop enthusiasm for useful scientific research. We believe that scientific research should be fun, and try to foster a freethinking and engaging research environment for students working with us.
We are interested in all aspects of malariology, and are currently actively engaged in research projects involving immunology, genetics, genomics, evolutionary theory, ecology, epidemiology, and molecular cell biology.
Collaborative projects with malaria researchers based in Japan and internationally are of enormous importance to us, and make up the bulk of the work we are currently engaged in. At present we are actively working with researchers from the USA, the Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the UK and Saudi Arabia.


  • Associate Professor Richard Culleton
  • Assistant Petta Ian Francis
  • Graduate student Ernest Medard
  • Graduate student Ifeoma Ugwuanyi

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