Department of Immunogenetics

Department of ImmunogeneticsThis department is focusing on the pathogenic genetic factors of the host and the parasite in the most important tropical infectious diseases by using immunology and genetics.


  • Professor Kenji Hirayama
  • Professor (Concurrent) Katsuyuki Yui
  • Visiting Associate Professor Nguyen Huy Tien (TMGH)
  • Associate Professor Shusaku Mizukami (Immune Regulation)
  • Senior Assistant Professor Mihoko Kikuchi
  • Assistant Professor Shyam Prakash Dumre
  • Research Fellow Vasquez Velasques, Clara Aleiandra (TMGH)
  • Research Fellow Farhana Mosaddeque
  • Research Fellow Mathenge Peterson Gitonga
  • Research Fellow Taeko Naruse
  • Visiting Researcher Yukimi Katagami
  • Assistant Yasuko Mukae
  • Assistant Yoko Hosoi
  • Graduate Student Pembi Emmanuel
  • Graduate Student Maiko Akashi
  • Graduate Student Kota Mochizuki
  • Graduate Student Yuki Tayama
  • Graduate Student Awet Alem Teklemichael
  • Graduate Student Yu Michimuko
  • Graduate Student Bundutidi Mavinga Gloria
  • Graduate Student Tran Quang Thach
  • Graduate Student Ines Maria Iglesias Rodriguez
  • Graduate Student Alina Angelica Acosta Cabello

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To clarify the molecular mechanisms in the protective and/ or pathogenic host response to human pathogens such as Dengue Virus, Malaria, Trypanosoma cruzi and Schistosoma, the following research projects are going on in our laboratory.


  1. Genetic analysis of malaria endemicity
  2. Vaccine development
    * Py Transamidase (TAM) vaccine with nanoparticle delivery system


  1. Vaccine and Drug target molecules identification by genomics and proteiomics
    * SEA motif bearing gene family

Chagas disease

  1. Genetic susceptibility to different clinical types of chronia Chagas disease, namely, indeterminate, cardiac, and digestive forms
    * HLA-B14 haplotype as resistant against chronic complications
  2. Host and Parasite factors influencing on the reactivity to the chemotherapy in the paediatric patients with chronia Chagas Disease. On going
  3. Compound library screening by using in vitro culture of T.cruzi
    * Astellas open innovation network including U.Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, AIST(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), and DNDi

Dengu fever

  1. Pathogenesis of the DHF(Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever)
    * HLA, Mast Cell derived factors, related to severity
  2. Early stage predictors for severe Dengue fever
    * Free DNA, Chymase, VEGF ATⅢ


The research here is performed based on the well-arranged collaborative projects with the following facilities.
1. Malaria: Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool.
2. Schistosmiasis: Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Parasitic Diseases (China), Jiangsu Provincial Institute of Parasitic Disease (China), RITM (Philippines).
3. Chagas Disease: Center of Tropical Medicine, Sirani Clinic, and Hospital Japones (Bolivia), IICS University of Asuncion (Paraguay).
4. Dengue Fever: Ho Chi Minh Pasteur in Vietnam, Pasteur Paris, McMaster University.

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