Department of Clinical Medicine

Department of Clinical MedicineThis is the only clinical department in NEKKEN, which does clinical practices in Nagasaki University Hospital. We conduct a wide range of multi-disciplinary studies bridging our strength of clinical epidemiology to laboratory-based microbiology and immunology studies both in- and outside Japan. Our main research interests are respiratory infectious diseases, tropical infectious diseases, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS. Specific research topics are as described below:


  • Professor Koya Ariyoshi
  • Associate Professor Konosuke Morimoto
  • Assistant Professor Motoi Suzuki
  • Assistant Professor Hikaru Sato
  • Assistant Professor Yoshiro Yamashita
  • Senior Lecturer Takeshi Tanaka
  • Assistant Professor Masahiro Takaki
  • Assistant Professor Emi Kitasyoji
  • Assistant Professor Hirotomo Yamanashi
  • Assistant Professor Kensuke Takahashi
  • Visiting Professor Michio Yasunami
  • Visiting Professor Christopher Parry
  • Visiting lecturer Akitsugu Furumoto
  • Visiting Researcher Masahiko Mori
  • Visiting Researcher Bhim Gopal Dhubadel
  • Visiting Researcher Mai Izumida
  • Assistant Researcher Taisuke Nakaura
  • Assistant Rina Shiramizu
  • Assistant Kyoko Uchibori
  • Assistant Yumi Araki
  • Assistant Seiko Kudo
  • Graduate student Tohru Ogasawara
  • Graduate student Reiko Miyahara
  • Graduate student Nobuo Saito
  • Graduate student Satoshi Kakiuchi
  • Graduate student Ngo Chi Cuong
  • Graduate student Hiroshi Fujii
  • Graduate student Shungo Kato
  • Graduate student Hiroyuki Ito
  • Graduate student Kentaro Hayashi
  • Graduate student Eiichiro Sando
  • Graduate student Tomoko Hiraoka
  • Graduate student Ikkou Yasuda


Respiratory Infections Diseases

We apply our in-house multiplex-PCR assays to identify 19 different viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens and a novel nano-fluidic real time PCR-based assay to determine 50 pneumococcus serotypes for a multi-center adult pneumonia survey all over Japan and childhood acute respiratory infection study in central Vietnam. We published several papers demonstrating vaccine efficacy against pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza. Since 2009, we have run a birth cohort studies of about 2,000 pairs of mothers and new-born babies, which facilitates studies of host-gene factors associating the severity of pediatric infectious diseases. We also investigate the pathogenesis of treatment-refractory pneumonia at molecular levels focusing on macrophage function, of clearing apoptotic cells from the inflammation site.


For better-diagnosis of latent MTB infection and tuberculosis, we are analyzing cellular immune responses to various TB antigens using an intra-cellular cytokine staining assay to evaluate a range of cytokines profile in various stages of TB infection and their contact cases both in Japan and abroad. Our goal is to clarify TB-specific cellular immune responses characteristic to a different clinical stage of TB infection. We also investigated pathogens causing bacterial pneumonia and its impact on the survival prognosis of TB patients admitted to the National Infectious Diseases Hospital (San Lazaro Hospital) in the Philippines.

Fever management in the tropics

In collaboration with National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, we are conducting undiagnosed febrile illness study in the Department of Infectious Diseases, Bac Mai Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam and the National Infectious Disease Hospital (San Lazaro Hospital), the Philippines, by applying diagnostic tests for leptospirosis and various richettial diseases. We also coordinate a bed-side clinical training course on tropical infectious.

HIV/AIDS Studies

In collaboration with National Institute of Health, Thailand, Bac Mai Hospital, Vietnam, Philippine General Hospital, and Nagoya Medical Center, we have investigated the pattern of opportunistic infections among HIV/AIDS patients and disclosed different clinical pictures in different geographical settings.

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