The Steering Committee for the Collaborative Research Center on Tropical Medicine

Committee Member outside the university

National Reseach Center for Protozoan Diseases,
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Professor Ikuo Igarashi ◎
Research Institute of Tuberculosis, Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association Director Nobukatsu Ishikawa
Department of Tropical Medicine and Malaria Research
Institute National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Director Shigeyuki Kano
National Institute of Infectious Diseases Deputy Director-General Ichiro Kurane
RIKEN Center of Research Network for Infectious Diseases Director Yoshiyuki Nagai

Committee Member outside the institute

Atomic Bomb Disease Institute Professor Noboru Takamura

Committee Member inside the institute

Institute of Tropical Medicine Professor Taro Yamamoto
Professor Koya Ariyoshi
Professor Yoshio Ichinose


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