NEKKEN Bio-Resource Center (NBRC)

NEKKEN Bio-Resource CenterThe Government of Japan has been making efforts under its second and third Science and Technology Basic Plans to create a world-class intellectual platform. In FY2002 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) implemented the National Bio-Resource Project (NBRP) to construct the framework for systematic collection, preservation, and distribution of bio-resources with a focus on those that required strategic development by the National Government. To promote life sciences it is important that researchers share the various bio-resources necessary for pursuing research and development. The resources produced in years with painstaking labor will make foundation for future researches. The NBRP deals with the bio-resources, which will not be able to be restored again if once they are lost. Through the revision every five years, the NBRP has reached the final year of the 3rd phase in FY2016, and the NBRP has been operated under the control of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) since FY2015, and the 4th phase of the NBRP will start in FY2017.
Since 2002 Institute of Tropical Medicine (NEKKEN), Nagasaki University has been taking of Division of Protozoa in Pathogenic Microorganisms of a Core Facility Upgrading Program under Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University. NEKKEN Bio-Resource Center (NBRC) contributes the services to researchers, (1) information of owners and strains of pathogenic protozoans in Japan on database Website, (2) supply of protozoans from NBRC, (3) acceptance of protozoan deposit to NBRC and the preservation, (4) supply of protozoan specimens for laboratory practice of medical-educational schools, (5) examination for protozoan infections from any medical facilities. (6) instructions for protozoan detection and for the culture. Pathogenic protozoan resources, which can be supplied by NBRC, are listed in the Web-site.
We would like to ask the access to our Project Website. Your cooperation and support for the project would be highly appreciated.

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  • Project Representative Osamu Kaneko
  • Service Representative Makoto Kazuma
  • Advice Collaborator Shinjiro Hamano
  • Advice Collaborator Richard Culleton
  • Advice Collaborator Kiyoshi Kita

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