Tropical Medicine Museum

Tropical Medicine MuseumMuseum of Tropical Medicine was preceded by the Tropical Medicine Reference Centre, which was established in 1974 and was reorganized in 1997 as Tropical Medicine Reference and Information Center. In 2001, it was renamed as Research Center Tropical Infectious Diseases (RECTID) and in 2008 it was established as an auxiliary institution. In addition, the present museum was moved to Nagasaki University Museum of Medicine. The display was renewed.
The institution performs the following 2 functions.

The institute primarily functions as a museum and resource center for tropical disease. There is a general section providing information on tropical diseases, parasites bacteria viruses poisonous insects and specimen of dangerous animals, valuable books, and displays images of the data. Moreover, it has an audio-visual room accommodating a few numbers of people. Furthermore, a system is being developed for using this collection of resources to strengthen public science and risk communication with thousand points relating to the history and philosophy of tropical medicines and infection symptoms. From April, 2015 through May, Nagasaki University held “the Nagasaki University exhibition which fought against an infectious disease” in Nagasaki Museum History and Culture. We provided much exhibits about the tropical disease, and citizen’s people saw it.

It also functions as an information center for the dispatch, collection, organization, and analysis of information on tropical medicine. This has become an essential component of the daily research activities related to tropical medicine. Due to infrastructure rearrangement in 2012, network tools were updated with technological innovation and long lasting safety; thus responding to every need of the users. We also serviced various databases, using a research evaluation system and a database of the tropical medicine museum. Moreover, we provide a similar environment to research universities overseas with VPN by including video conferencing system to promote international conferences and e-learning plans.


  • Professor and head Junko Okumura
  • Technologist Kazuo Araki
  • Assistant Kiyomi Suda
  • Assistant Sayaka Taniyama

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