The Eco-health Unit

The Eco-health UnitIn order to promote people's health in the world, it is essential to understand the health in the context of social and ecological interactions (Eco-system). By such multi-disciplinary approach this unit explicates factors associated to ill-health, especially infectious diseases which are preventable by appropriate counter measures. Main focuses are: 1) Emerging antimicrobial resistant bacterium in aquatic environment, 2) Problems related to tuberculosis medication under conditions of conflict and largescale disaster, 3) Rapid changes in Eco-system and morbidity pattern among ethnic minorities.
In October 2013, we initiated cohort studies (children under 5 years of age) to investigate risk factors influence on child health in Savvannakhet province in Lao PDR. Since then we are following up the cohort every 2 weeks. This study will be continued until March 2018.


  • Associate Professor Junko Okumura
  • Assistant Masae Masumoto

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