Molecular & Cellular Biology Unit

Molecular & Cellular Biology UnitMolecular & Cellular Biology Unit is responsible to maintain and operate following equipments located in Central Laboratory; 16- and 48-capillary sequencers, GS junior genome sequencer and mass spectrometry-based genotyping system for genome analysis; flowcytometer for cell function analysis; fluorescence-luminescence imager for visualization analysis; and Luminex bead-array system and fluorescence-luminescence multilabel counter for multipurpose analysis. In addition, this unit is also responsible to maintain equipments/facilities to support general laboratory activities; such as pure water supply, ultracentrifuge, lyophilizer, Speed-Vac, French press, Bioruptor, sample storage in liquid nitrogen, autoclave, dark room and cold room.


  • Senior Assistant Professor Mihoko Kikuchi
  • Assistant Masae Masumoto

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