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Neglected Tropical Diseases(NTD)

 Neglected Tropical Diseases are a group of communicable diseases which thrive in improverished settings and blight the lives of around one billion people worldwide, which threatening the health of millions more.These diseases not only survive and spread in conditions of poverty, they also exacerbate and perpetuate the poverty of affected communities.

 Compared with 3 diseases (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), neglected tropical diseases are not addressed and there were no significant actions. In 1997, neglected tropical diseases are point out on International Parasitic Control Initiative. There are 149 countries and territories where neglected tropical diseases are endemic, at least 100 of which are endemic for 2 or more of these diseases, and 30 countries that are endemic for 6 or more. Many neglected tropical diseaes are now concentrated in poor remote rural areas and also in urban slums and conflict zones. These diseases can be seen as promotors of poverty which weaken impoverished populations, frustrate the achievement of the health - related Millennium Development Goals and impede global development outcomes.

 Most of the diseases in this group are parasitic diseases, caused by a variety of protozoan and helminth parasites. They cause blindness, disability, deformities or otherwise maim those who are affected. Others such as dengue and rabies are widespread and their geographical range is continuously increasing as the infection spreads to new areas. To improve their standards of living and sanitation in developing contries will make them healthy. In order to prevention and control of neglected tropical diseases, it is important to corporate between governments, donors, the pharmaceutical industry and other agencies, including nongovernmental organizations.

 The following 17 neglected tropical diseases and diseases groups are focused by WHO.




4.Buruli ulcer

5.Endemic Treponematoses (including yaws)


7.Chagas diseases (American trypanosomiasis)

8.Human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)



11.Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm diseases)


13.Foodborne trematode infections

14.Lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis)

15.Onchoserciasis (river blindness)

16.Schistosomiasis (bilharziasis)

17.Soil-transmitted helminthiases (intestinal parasitic worms)

Reference;World Health Organization 2010”Working to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases”

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