Course overview


The whole of the course is taught in ENGLISH. Here we describe the overview of this 12-month course which commences every year from October to September. It is expected that students will be admitted from countries world-wide as well as Japan.

Please note that it starts from October, not from April as was the case up to 2011.

Timeline for Master course

Introductory lectures for research (October and November)

As an introduction to the research conducted by each student, the lectures on basic immunology and molecular biology with some laboratory skills will be given. Epidemiological skills including study design, data management and medical statistics also provided to start each research project smoothly.

Research Project (from November to August)

All students will be assigned to conduct a research project under the supervision of professors and will submit a Master thesis. The students (up to six) may be able to choose overseas research projects up to three months. The venues of the overseas researches will be at our research stations in Kenya or Vietnam, or the affiliated infectious disease hospitals, Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam or San Lazaro Hospital, Manila, the Philippines.

Learning tropical medicine (from April to July)

Lectures and practicals aim to teach essential and advanced knowledge of clinical infectious diseases with reference to microbiology, virology, parasitology and entomology. The course will hold a series of clinical case discussions presented by Bach Mai Hospital and San Lazaro Hospital through TV conferencing system. They give the students good opportunities to discuss actively with particular focus on diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control.

Requirements for obtaining Master of Tropical Medicine degree

Requirements for the acquirement of Master of Tropical Medicine are as follows:

  • Attend all teaching sessions during the course of one year (equivalent to 30 credits) unless prevented by illness or exceptional circumstances (the absolute minimum in such case is 70% attendance).

  • Pass all components of the formal assessments (examination, assignments, and dissertation).

  • All fees have been paid in full.


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