March-May  2015
    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
  30-Mar 31-Mar 1-Apr 2-Apr 3-Apr
1 8:50-10:20 CCRR Core Course: Conducting Responsible Research CCRR CCRR Research Research
2 10:30-12:00 CCRR
3 12:50-14:20 CCRR CCRR CCRR Research Research
4 14:30-16:00
5 16:10-17:40    
    6-Apr 7-Apr 8-Apr 9-Apr 10-Apr
1 8:50-10:20   Overview:Helminthology Overview:Clinical Medicine (404 room) introduction to Tropical Public Health Research
  Hamano Ariyoshi T.Yamamoto
2 10:30-12:00 Orientation Overview:Zoonosis  Systemic Febrile illness 1 (404 room) Overview:Bacteriology
Yasuda Ariyoshi Yamashiro
3 12:50-14:20 Overview:Protozoology Overview:Virology
(P) Using microscope (P) ELISA Research
4 14:30-16:00 Overview:Entomology
Minakawa Morita Sakaguchi Morita/Yu
5 16:10-17:40 Student exchange meeting   ( room)        
    13-Apr 14-Apr 15-Apr 16-Apr 17-Apr
1 8:50-10:20 alaria Nutrition for tropical medicine 1 Nematode infection,
Lymphatic filariasis
Malaria vaccine Research
2 10:30-12:00
Kaneko Cox Hamano Tsuboi
3 12:50-14:20 (P) Malaria JE, Yellow fever,
 West Nile
Viral hemorrhagic fevers Trypanosomiasis Research
4 14:30-16:00
Nakazawa/Yahata Morita Urata Uemura
    20-Apr 21-Apr 22-Apr 23-Apr 24-Apr
1 8:50-10:20 Medical Anthropology
qualitative analysis
(P) Stool ova Nutrition and immunity Onchocerciasis and
tropical medicine
(P) Gram stain/ AFB
2 10:30-12:00 Trematode &  Cestode Infection
Matsuyama Mitsui/Kato Hamano Hamano Ariyoshi
3 12:50-14:20 (P) Electron
  Leptospirosis Clinical case lecture 1 Research
  Koizumi Ariyoshi
4 14:30-16:00     Clinical case discussion 1
Sakaguchi     Thuy
    27-Apr 28-Apr 29-Apr 30-Apr 1-May
1 8:50-10:20 Leprosy   Holiday Systemic Febrile illness 2 Research
2 10:30-12:00 Clinical practice in tropics  Tetanus
Ishida Saito Ariyoshi
3 12:50-14:20 ARI in tropics   meningitis Nutrition for tropical medicine 2
4 14:30-16:00  
Suzuki     Cox
    4-May 5-May 6-May 7-May 8-May
1 8:50-10:20 Holiday Holiday Holiday Plague, bartonella tularemia Research
2 10:30-12:00 Salmonella
3 12:50-14:20 Leishmaniasis               (12:50-17:00) Research
4 14:30-16:00
・・・ Combined lecture with TTM
(TTM : Three month Tropical Medicine course)  
May-Jun  2015
    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    11-May 12-May 13-May 14-May 15-May
1 8:50-10:20 Iron and Malaria Biochemistry of parasites for the drug discovery and development  TB of the world Diarrhea 2 EPI
2 10:30-12:00 Schistosomiasis
Hamano Kita Shimao Yamashiro Nakano
3 12:50-14:20 Diarrhea 1 (P)  Trypanosomiasis/
Clinical Parasitology Biosafety Global Polio Eradication
Sugiyama Shimizu
4 14:30-16:00 Clinical case discussion 2  
Nakagomi Uemura Onishi  Dimaano  
    18-May 19-May 20-May 21-May 22-May
1 8:50-10:20 Hanta virus Mother to child
Cysticercosis & Echinococcosis (P)Filaria,Schistosoma,
Pathology of helminthiasis
Clinical Trial- short course-
2 10:30-12:00 Mother-Child Handbook
Nakamura Moriuchi Ito Mitsui/Kato
3 12:50-14:20 Outbreak principles and case study Rickettsia Pathology 1 Clinical case lecture 2 Clinical Trial- short course-
Ando Ariyoshi
4 14:30-16:00 Enteropathogenic bact Clinical case discussion 3
Oyama Iida Tsutsumi Thuy
    25-May 26-May 27-May 28-May 29-May
1 8:50-10:20   Enteropathogenic
Pathology 2 STI TB immunology and BCG vaccine
2 10:30-12:00 Assignment 
K.Hirayama Kaneko Hasegawa Ariyoshi Matsuo
3 12:50-14:20 Rabies (P) Enteropathogenic
Sicke cell disease in Africa Clinical case lecture 3 Research
Cox Ariyoshi
4 14:30-16:00   Clinical case discussion 4
Nishizono Kaneko/Yahata   Dimaano
    1-Jun 2-Jun 3-Jun 4-Jun 5-Jun
1 8:50-10:20     Tropical fungal
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases Introduction to Clinical Bacteriology
2 10:30-12:00
    Kamei Maruyama Parry
3 12:50-14:20 NTD and Global programme to eliminate lymphatic filarisis HIV clinical/PH aspects   Clinical case discussion 5 NCD in developing country
Ichimori Thuy H.Yamamoto
4 14:30-16:00 Bat-derived viral diseases  
Ariyoshi   Hasebe  
    8-Jun 9-Jun 10-Jun 11-Jun 12-Jun
1 8:50-10:20 Surveillance for ID control Health promotion in developing country    Entomology  HIV virology Typhoid fever
Oishi Yoshida
2 10:30-12:00   Tropical Disease Research in WHO
  Jimba Minakawa Juntra Parry
3 12:50-14:20 Entomology  Pandemic influenza as an example of emerging zoonoses Antibiotic use/NTS  Maternal health Health, Gender, and Development
4 14:30-16:00  
Minakawa Kida Parry Matsui  
    15-Jun 16-Jun 17-Jun 18-Jun 19-Jun
1 8:50-10:20 Clinical tropical medicine Hepatitis Clinical tropical medicine Research
Bailey Bailey
2 10:30-12:00 Entomology (Systematics) Entomology (Tick)
Minakawa Tanaka Tsunoda
3 12:50-14:20 Experiences of Nagasaki and Chernobyl, and the Current Situation of Fukushima Child Health and survival Clinical tropical medicine Clinical case lecture 4 Research
Takamura     Ariyoshi
4 14:30-16:00 Clinical tropical
Clinical case discussion 7
Kamiya Bailey Bailey/Dimaano
5 16:10-17:40 Public Health Priorities in Humanitarian Emergencies      
Bailey Dr. Rebecca Grais      
★・・・Combined lecture with TTM
(TTM : Three month Tropical Medicine course)  
Jun-July 2014
    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
    22-Jun 23-Jun 24-Jun 25-Jun 26-Jun
1 8:50-10:20 Child health/pediatric cases Entomology (Model) Clinical case
discussion 6
Essential drug Population issue or health policy
Sunahara Sazaki
2 10:30-12:00 Student's presentation session Private study
Kamiya T.Yamamoto Iwata Hirabayashi
3 12:50-14:20   SARS/
Post-disaster infectious diseases
Entomology (Insecticide)  Drugs for neglected disease Private study
  Kawada Hirabayashi
4 14:30-16:00   feedback Practical Revison
Oshitani     Ariyoshi
    29-Jun 30-Jun 1-Jul 2-Jul 3-Jul
1 8:50-10:20 Ethics Course Ethics Course Private study Private study Private study
2 10:30-12:00
3 12:50-14:20 Ethics Course Ethics Course Private study Private study Private study
4 14:30-16:00
    6-Jul 7-Jul 8-Jul 9-Jul 10-Jul
1 8:50-10:20 MTM Exam 1
Protozoology and Helminthology
MTM Exam 3
Clinical medicine
2 10:30-12:00
3 12:50-14:20 MTM Exam 2
Bacteriology and Virology
MTM Exam 4
Clinical Slide test
4 14:30-16:00
Clinical Trial- short course-
May  2015
Fri Sat
22-May 23-May
Clinical Trial         - short course- Clinical Trial             - short course-
Clinical Trial         - short course- Clinical Trial             - short course-
The13th Nagasaki International Course on Research Ethics
Jun  2015
Sun Mon Tue
28-Jun 29-Jun 30-Jun
Ethics Course Ethics Course Ethics Course
Ethics Course Ethics Course Ethics Course