【平成21年度 アドバイザリーボードメンバー】

Sep 29-Oct 1,2009 Dr. Bela Ganatra
Senior Research and Policy Advisor; IPAS, India

■ Lecture
Abortion and reproductive health in India

Sep 29-Oct 1,2009 Dr. Rajani Ved
Senior Associate, Management Systems International

■ Lecture
Scaling-up of the reproductive health projects

Oct 5-7,2009 Dr. Anwar Islam
Professor and Director, James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, Bangladesh

■ Lecture
Health systems in Developing coutries:Majour Challenges and Constraints-bangladesh Context

Oct 20-22,2009 Prof.Isaac Nyamongo
Dean of Institute of African Studies, University of Nairobi

■ Lecture
medical anthropology, HIV/AIDS, Malaria

Nov 12,2009 Dr. Steve Fabricant
Health Economics Consultant

■ Lecture
"Economics and International Health” “Working In Health Economics”

Nov 24-26,2009 Dr.Richard Cash
Senior Lecturer International Health, Harvard School of Public Heath, USA

■ Lecture
(1)disaster relief, especially as it applies to Bangladesh;
(2) the social, political, and economic dimensions of infectious diseases (especially H1N1 or H5N1 flu);
(3)Global Programs for Disease Eradication: What Have We Learned and What Can We Expect?

Nov 30-Dec 11,2009 Mr.Saul Helfenbein
Director,International Health Group,Chemonics International,USA

■ Lecture
Strategies for Providing/Support to the Health Sector by Major International Donors

Dec 15-16,2009 神馬 征峰先生
Professor, Graduate School of Medicine Faculty, Intemational Health, Intemational Social Medicine, Tokyo University, Japan

■ Lecture
Sustainability challenge in developing countries

平成21年度 特別講義【アドバイザリーボードメンバー外】

Dec 2,2009 Prof.Clifton Cortez
Regional Team Leader, HIV/AIDS Office of Public Health Regional Development Mission Asia U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bangkok, Thailand

■ Lecture
“International Development and HIV/AIDS: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going”

Dec 14-18,2009 Dr.Koen Peeters

■ Lecture

Dec 14-18,2009 Dr.Joan Muela Ribera