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Outline of the Program

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in international cooperation among young Japanese people, and many of them are getting bachelor’s and master’s degrees in international development-related fields and/or participating in overseas volunteer activities. 
However, in reality, there are not enough professionals who have learned systematic knowledge and skills to make use of them in actual work. Especially scarce are personnel with basic knowledge in the field of international health and cooperation. Moreover, there are very few educational institutions that teach such expertise systematically.  Japan lags behind in cultivating advanced professionals who are capable of contributing to the settlement of global health issues at the international level.

Nagasaki University ’s Institute of Tropical Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences have been working on research in tropical medicine and human resources development in Japan and in industrializing nations for the past 20 years. As part of its long years of efforts in infectious diseases abroad, the university has recently been promoting research projects on infectious diseases at its overseas research hubs in Kenya and Vietnam , at the request of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Science and Technology. Therefore, based on its international strategies and by making the best use of its uniqueness and past accomplishments, Nagasaki University has established the Graduate School of International Health Development (Master’s degree program) in order to foster human resources who can contribute to international cooperation, especially global health issues, by utilizing advanced knowledge and skills.

Global health issues should be placed in the paradigm for poverty resolution, community development and human security, and should be approached from these perspectives. Solutions should also be proposed and agreed upon with full understanding of the politics, economics, society, and culture of the country concerned in the international situation. Thus, in order to facilitate the training of personnel with such knowledge and skills, the Graduate School of International Health Development has been established as an independent graduate school, not linked to a certain faculty but rather inviting experts from a wide range of fields to teach.  Its fundamental subject is tropical public health, but the program will take an interdisciplinary approach beyond that sector.


Graduate School of International Health Development
Master Course of International Health Development


10 (20)

Master of Public Health (MPH)
Two years

Photo caption: One of Nagasaki University ’s research zones in the Suba District of Western Kenya

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