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Educational Policy

Issues regarding infectious diseases including malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, etc. and women and children’s health are becoming big problems in global community where poverty reduction and sustainable development are its momentous purpose.  In addition, emerging infectious diseases such as SARS and highly-pathogenic bird flu are not only affecting people’s health but also causing serious social and economic damages mainly in advancing countries.

The Nagasaki University Graduate School of International Health Development (two-year Master’s degree) aims to deal with health problems of developing countries in a comprehensive manner and to educate international specialists with the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree.

As they will work overseas with experts from various areas after graduation, students are expected to have good adaptability to foreign cultures, cooperativeness, communication skills, and leadership.

While trying to improve the individual’s quality, the Graduate School of International Health Development intends to develop human resources who have learned the knowledge in an interdisciplinary and systematic way and who can make full use of their acquired know-how on the site.  Although this program primarily focuses on tropical public health, experts from various fields (medicine, public health, policy making・management, sociology・behavioral science, and economics) will participate in teaching to make this program more interdisciplinary and appealing.  Further, by incorporating the short-term field training and long-term internship on the site, the program tries to develop students’ practical ability from the overcoming of problems in individual cases to the formulation of policies.

The Graduate School of International Health Development calls for students who have experience in business (regardless of whether inside or outside of Japan and whatever type of job) and social action programs.

Photo caption: Human rights education for women by the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (NGO commonly known as BRAC)

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