In our laboratory we invite participants, students and collaborators irrespective of gender, age, University from which they graduated, faculty (or department) or current occupation. Furthermore we welcome not only fresh graduates but also former graduates who are already working . Mosquito studies in Japan are not so advanced although in the Medical field they are important, given the fact that mosquitoes are vectors of various diseases of medical importance afflicting human beings. From now on we intend to incorporate knowledge and experience from other related medical research fields into mosquito research.

To enrich our research activition in this laboratory participation at the following levels in encouraged
1. Post graduate courses (Ph.D course)
2. Research trainees
3. Tropical Medicine training course
4. Visiting research scientist

for more information and/or question please contact us.                 

Department of Vector Ecology and Environment
Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki Univ.
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