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The 3rd International symposium on Human and Monkey Malaria in Vietnam

JSPS Asia Africa Science Platform Program
The eco-epidemiology of forest and zoonotic malaria
Inuyama PRI symposium Monkey Malaria in Focus: recent perspectives on forest and zoonotic malaria

Overall Host : Huffman M (PRI)

Dec. 18, 2012

13:00-13:10 Opening Remarks
Hirai H (PRI)
13:10-13:30 Objectives of the symposium
Nakazawa S (ITM)
Section 1: The present state of research

「Primate perspectives」chair : Yumoto T (PRI)

13:30-14:00 Forest environment
Kobayashi S (ASAFAS)
14:30-14:30 Monkeys, the missing link in malaria research at Khan Phu.
Huffman M (PRI)
14:30-15:00 Monkey malaria parasite detection
Kawai S (Dokkyo Medical Univ.)
15:00-15:30 The origin of Human Plasmodia
Culleton R (Nagasaki Univ.)
  Coffee break

「Pathogen Perspectives」chair : Culleton R (PRI)

16:00-16:30 Transmission stages of parasites
Maeno Y (Fujita Health Univ.)
16:30-17:00 Risk assessment and surveillance of zoonoses in wild bonobos
Yoshida T (Kyoto Univ.)

「People Perspectives」chair : Moji K (RIHN)

17:00-17:30 Human behaviors
Shine T (Kyoto Univ.)
17:30-18:00 Human immunity against parasites
Itoh M (Aichi Medical Univ.)
18:00-18:30 Discussion on the results
  Dinner and after dinner talking

Dec. 19, 2012

Section 2: Future Prospects of our research

chair : Maeno Y (Fujita Health Univ.)

8:00-8:20 Quang Tri
Watanabe H (Ryukyu Univ.)
8:20-8:40 Sample bank
Yamashiro T (ITM)
8:40-9:00 Bio-logging monkey
Yumoto T (PRI)
9:00-9:20 Bio-logging people
Shine T
9:20-9:40 Discussion on things above
  Coffee break
Section 3: Where we are heading

chair : Nakazawa S

「Predicting transmission.」

10:00-10:20 Providing useful analyses to the malaria affected areas : a new type of cooperation
Masuda G (Kyoto Univ.)
10:20-10:40 based on a remote sensing
Tojo B (RIHN)

「Preventing transmission.」

10:40-11:00 by changing a lifestyle habit
Shine T
Synthesis and general discussion

chair : Marchand RP (MCNV)、Quang NT (MCNV)

11:00-12:00 Promotion of the studies of malaria between monkey, mosquito and man.
Marchand RP、Culleton R、Nakazawa S、Huffman M、Moji K、Yumoto T、Sunahara T
11:55-12:00 Closing remarks
Yumoto T

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