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Dr. Shusuke Nakazawa wan the first Masamichi Aikawa Medal.

Ms. Hiroko Aikawa, wife of Dr. Masamichi Aikawa, gave the medal to Dr. Nakazawa in the Conference of Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine held in Obihiro City on September 5.
The Medal was established by the former president of the Society, Dr. Shigeyuki Kano, for recognizing outstanding research and performance to commemorate the achievements in Malariology by Dr. Aikawa. Dr. Nakazawa set up a interdisciplinary research group to lead the world in epidemiological studies of forest and monkey malaria to increase the outstanding achievements in malariology over the year, that was highly evaluated.

Masamichi Aikawa Award is a light directed to the interdisciplinary study of forest environment and resources, mosquito and host behavior and malaria transmission.


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