Paradigm shift from Tropical Medicine to Global Health

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Abstract submission

Web based submission by UMIN

※Before submission please send your participation application by E-mail to the office

【Poster presentation】

All the presentations except for the symposium are poster.

1 Public Health・Epidemiology(including Maternal Health、Reproductive health) 5 Viral Disease
2 International Health(including Medical cooperation、International NPO、Global Research) 6 Bacterial and Fungal Disease
3 Travel Medicine/ Clinical case report 7 Helminthic and Protozoan Disease
4 Medical zoology/ Vectors 8 Others
【Paper submission period】

The deadline of the submission for the poster presentation has been postponed until the noon on August 20, 2013.

Web based submission:July 1- August 8, 2013
                      August 20,2013 the noon We closed the registration.
Thank you very much for your interest in this meeting.

Abstract submission on the UMIN system is only in Japanese.
You will not be able to submit in English.
Please ask a person who understands Japanese for assistance.




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