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The rule of presentation

Important information on poster sessions

Place: Nagasaki Brick Hall 3F, Lounge
Day: October 4 (Day 1), October 5 (Day 2)

  1. All poster presenters are expected to confirm their poster numbers, either from the webpage or in the abstracts book provided at the venue.
  2. Take note of the panel size as shown in the Figure below. Limit your poster details to the allowed space. Poster numbers will be attached to each panel by the organizers.
  3. There will be a poster session on each day. Poster numbers proceeded with P1 are for Day 1, while P2 poster numbers are for Day 2. Take note of the time for attaching and removing your posters as outlined below:
    Day 4th/Oct. (Day 1) 5th/Oct. (Day 2)
    Pasting of Posters 8:30-9:00 8:30-9:00
    Display 9:00-18:20 9:00-17:10
    Removing of Posters 18:20-18:40 17:10-17:30

    ●We advise that all posters be pasted before 9 am on each day, as Symposium will commence at 9:00 am.

  4. Pins will be provided at the poster area for poster attachment.
  5. Please remove your posters at the stipulated times at the end of each day. The posters left behind may be discarded by the organizers.
  6. All poster presenters will have the opportunity to make 5 min oral poster presentation, followed by 2 min discussion and questions. Please stand beside your poster at the stipulated periods. Find details of the time for the poster sessions in the program.

The rule of presentation(Poster)