Paradigm shift from Tropical Medicine to Global Health

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Please send your enquiries in Japanese.

Registration period:July 1, 2013(Mon) ~ Augast 30, 2013(Fri)

Please fill up the following sheet and send it by E-mail titled Application of participation.

1 Name(Kanji)  
2 Affiliations  
3 Office mailing address  
4 Telephone and Fax numbers  
5 E-mail address  
6 Category(Full member/Graduate student/undergraduate・Foreign student/non member)  
7 Reception Party(participate/absent)  
8 Presentation(Yes/no)  
9 Others  


  • This application by E-mail is essential for your participation
  • At the same time, please pay the participation fee.
  • Please inform us your participation of Reception party beforehand if possible
  • If you want to change the previous application, please send us by E-mail.
  • We cannot return your money once you paid as a participation or Party fee.