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FAP meets ICOPA in Vancouver

Dear FAP members,

10th ICOPA (International Congress of Parasitology) is going to be held coming August 5-9, 200, in Vancouver, Canada. By taking this opportunity, we would like to have a meeting named 'FAP Meets ICOPA' at the Congress place.

Date and Time; August 6, 2002 (Tuesday), Lunch time
Place; The exact room number will be informed later.
1) FAP On Line Journal
2) Issuing of monographs named'Asian Parasitology'
3) Registration of FAP to WFP
4) Second FAP congress
5) Others

I should appreciate your early reply to my E-mail address, yano@med.m.chiba-u.ac.jp whether you can attend the meeting or not.

We have started to act for publication of 'Asian Parasitology', and Toxoplasmosis, Filariasis, Echinococcosis, Cysticercosis, Pneumocystis, Babesiosis, and Education of Parasitology have been underway of editorial arrangement.

We are looking forward to having a chance to see talk with you at 10th ICOPA in Vancouver, Canada, coming August 6, 2002.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,

Akihiko Yano
FAP Secretary General

(May 17, 2002)

Please re-register again!!

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Kenji Hirayama, M.D.,Ph.D.
FAP Online

(November 6, 2001, FAP01003)

Rationale: Asia is a unique region where its habitants share a common background. FAP Internet forum offers the place to meet each other to exchange their experience and knowledge regarding all the related things to Parasitology and Tropical Medicine in Asia.

Purpose: To facilitate the exchange of Information, human resources, and job chances between individuals registered.

Structure and Function

On the internet, there are two major layers present in our FAP system.

1) Outer layer

FAP Online homepage is open to public, so that anyone can access to this HP through http://www.tm.nagasaki-u.ac.jp/fap/.

In this homepage, you can see all the public information regarding FAP including official information, some selected articles from members, and the place for a new registration of membership.

To join FAP, you can directly register yourself for FAP membership by sending an e-mail to our office by clicking the 'Registration'. Once successfully registered you will receive a reply from the office. The process of registration may needs several days.

2) Inner layer

This layer is closed and be open only for the registered members. In other words, only the members can join this mailing group. When a member send an e-mail, the mail will be automatically distributed to all the members registered.

Nov. 5, 2001