1st Congress of Federation of Asian Parasitologists (FAP) in Chiba, Japan
Nov. 3(Fri.) - Nov. 5(Sun.), 2000

Toward foundation of Federation of Asiasn Parasitologists (FAP)

Opening Ceremony
Akihiko Yano ;
Welcome Address to FAP participants from the Convener

Kaichi Isono ;
Welcome Address to FAP participants

Isao Tada ;
Federation of Asian Parasitologists (FAP) Asia is One? Why Regionalize

Jong - Yil Chai ;
Welcome Address to FAP from the Representative of Korea - Japan Parasitology

Mamoru Suzuki ;
Address of WFP President, President of Japan Asspciation of Parasitology

Moriyasu Tsuji ;
Opening Address at The 1st Congress of FAP

Rasul Khan ;
Zoonoses and New Parasites in Canada

Plenary Lecture
Manabu Sasa ;
The needs for basic studies in epidemiology and control of parasitic diseases in Asia

Carlo Urbani ;
Overview of Parasitic diseases in Asia

Symposium 1 Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Asia -Country Report -
Kazuyo Ichimori;
WPRO/WHO programme of filariasis and vector borne diseases.

Mirani Weerasooriya ;
Status of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Sri Lanka

Nguyen Toan ;
Present situation of the main helminthiasis and helminthiasis control in Vietnam

Khairul Anuar bin Abdullah ;
Parasitic infections in Malaysia - Review of the last Millennium

Singgih H. Sigit ;
Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Indonesia

Lilian de las Llagas ;
Parasitology and Philippine human parasitoses

Sumposium 2 Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Asia - Country reports -
Wentian Luo ;
What is the present state and what should we do for parasitic diseases in this new century in China
Jong-Yil Chai ;
Recent trends of parasitic infections in Korea

Naoki Arizono ;
Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases in Japan

Symposium 3 Parasitic disease burden and its elimination
Tsutomu Takeuchi ;
Hashimoto Initiative

Round Table Strategy for Asian Co-operations in Parasitology
Takaaki Hara ;
The Asian Parasite Control Organization (APCO) and an achievements of
Parasitologists' Group

Takashi Aoki ;
Japan-China Joint Seminar on Parasitiv Diseases: Past 20Years

Yoshiki Aoki ;
Japan-Korea Parasitology Seminar: Forum Cheju.

Han-Jong Rim, Jong-Yil Chai ;
Korea-China Parasitology Workshops

Kharirul Anuar bin Abdullah ;
South East Asian Countries

Paper Presentations
Guanling Wu ;
A Brief Overview of Medical Parasitology in China

Masao Kamiya ;
Measures against Echinococcus multi1ocuralis Targeting the Source of Human Infection

Mamoru Suzuki:
Constitution of "The World Federation of Parasitologists"

Summary reports and conclusion
Lilian de las Llagas