●Course Agenda ●    
現地点でのAgenda詳細(PDF file)を見る (今後変更の可能性もあります)

Module 1  "Course Orientation" 
        (October 28th

Module 2  "Drug Discovery and Development" 
        (October 29th to  November 13th
-Drug Discovery
                                -Chemistry,Manufacturing and Control(CMC)
                                -Pre-clinical Development
                                -Clinical Development

Module 3  "Vaccine Development" 
        (November 14th to 20th
-Vaccine Discovery
                               -Antigen Development
                               -Pre-Clinical Development (Pharmacological development, Toxicology, Study design,
                                                                            Clinical Trial, Regulatory Issues, Traditional Medicine )
                               -Clinical Development

Module 4  "Diagnostic Development" 
        ( November 21th

Module 5  "Post-registration Activities"
        (November 24th to 25th

Module 6  "Good Clinical Practice"
        ( November 26th  to 28th
-Ethics in research and Ethics Committee
                                -Quality Standards

Module 7  "Clinical Data Management"
        ( December 1st, 2nd